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Goodwill Football Club Association

Name: Goodwill Football Club Association Montreal (aka Goodwill FC).

Date of creation: Founded in 2013.

Motto: The more we are together the happier we shall be

Brief History:

The Goodwill Football Club Association Montreal is an apolitical association, non-profit making and non- governmental aimed at encouraging sports through soccer principally, and cultural dynamism amongst its members. The club’s activity year runs from May to April, with indoor soccer being played during the winter months

The main purpose of the Club is to play the game of soccer. The club also promotes togetherness, fraternal relationship amongst members’ improve members’ health through physical exercises and provide soft landing to new immigrants through rapid integration into the community.

Leadership: A Team Manager (President) runs Goodwill FC. Current President is Mr. Edie Ajebe (Tel. #:


Number of members: Currently 70 registered members.
Past honors:
 Champion of Canadian NVT 2023 hosted in Calgary, Alberta.
 Third position in 2022 Canadian NVT hosted in Montreal, Quebec.
 Successfully hosted Canadian NVT 2022 in Montreal, Quebec.
Upcoming Events: 10th Anniversary Party and Mini Tournament (7th October 2023)
Contact Info:

Email: goodwillfcassociation@gmail.com
: Phone: +1(514) 573 8905.