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Washington Lions Veterans Football Club

Name: Washington Lions Veterans Football Club (WA Lions FC).

Date of creation: WA Lions was created in 2022 as a subsidiary of the mother organization Washington Ndamba FC, founded in 2020.

Purpose: To promote and enjoy the sport of soccer, develop individual and team skills, foster sportsmanship and encourage teamwork among its members

Leadership: WA lions FC is run by a Veteran Coordinator. The current coordinator is Dr. Samuel Ayaba (Tel. #: +1-425-343-4452).

Other posts of responsibility: Treasurer Mr Ronald Ndzelen. NAB representatives, Mr Leonel Ayeah and Dr Samuel Ayaba

Number of members: Currently 44 registered members. Official sponsor: Provider’s Logistics LLC (providerslogistics.net) Contact Info: Email: walionsfc@gmail.com

Brief History:

Washington Lions Veterans FC (WA Lions FC) is a soccer team based out of Washington State. It was created in 2022 as a subsidiary of Washington Ndamba FC, which is a soccer group made up of mostly Cameroonians who love and play the game of soccer. There is a yearly graduation of WA Ndamba FC members who meet the age criterion for veterans into WA Lions FC.

The aim of the group is to bring together Cameroonians as well as Africans in general together through the game of soccer. We strive to promote the game of soccer amongst our members and the community at large, while encouraging the highest ethical standards, integrity, transparency, respect, accountability and equity.

The team has its official practice every Saturday from 9 am around the Federal Way area. Practice sessions are held together with members of Washington Ndamba FC, as well as with any other interested individual(s). Occasionally, the team practices on Tuesday evenings by participating in the Washington State Adult Soccer Association League for individuals who are 40+ years.


As a relatively young group based on creation date, WA Lions FC has participated in only one previous NVT annual tournament (MD 2022). As a massive underdog in their group and the tournament in general, WA Lions outperformed almost everyone’s expectations. One day, WA Lions hope to bring NVT to the Pacific Northwest as a host of this prestigious tournament.

Please if you find yourself in WA State for a visit, temporal or permanent move, we will like you to join us. We promise you will have a good time playing and networking with us. Reach us at:walionsfc@gmail.com and (425) 343 4452.