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Who We Are

  • NVT-USA FA is a registered non-profit organization that consists of 43 registered clubs from across the United States of America and Canada , with 2000+ members.
  • Annual sports tournament in the USA bringing together 10,000+ participants and guests from around the world.

Why We Exist

  • Promote healthy lifestyle , diversity and inclusion, responsible citizenship, education and youth development.
  • Promote solidarity , networking and social interaction for members.
  • Providing a marketplace for businesses and professionals to thrive.
  • Humanitarian programs for the under-privileged in our communities.

Forecasted Impact in 2023

Target Population
With 40 teams competing and 2 teams on the waiting list vying for a place , the 2023 special edition of NVT in Gwinnett, GA will attract a crowd of approximately 12,000, including club members, family and guests.
Economic Impact
The tournament is estimated to generate economic activity exceeding $7 million which amongst other things includes lodging, feeding, travel, logistics, equipment, day and night entertainment , social events and gala parties over the 5 day event.
Participation continues to grow and as such presents a unique marketing opportunity for businesses and entrepreneurs of all sizes and genre.