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Allen Veteran Football Club

Allen Veteran Football Club (aka Celebration Park Veteran FC).

Date of creation: Founded in 2014.

Motto: Respect, Unity, and Good Health

Leadership: Allen Veteran FC is run by a President. Current President is Dr. Kevin Tabe (Tel. #: +1-240-498-7219.

Number of members: Currently 44 registered members.

Past honors:

  • Champion of NVT 2016 hosted in Atlanta GA.
  • 3rd position in 2017 NVT hosted in Dallas, TX.
  • Successfully hosted NVT 2017 in Dallas, TX.

Upcoming Events: TBD

Contact Info: Email: allencpv@gmail.com; Phone: +1-(972) 853 1263.

Brief History

Allen Veterans FC, aka Celebration Park Veteran FC, is a soccer team based out of Allen TX, a suburb of Dallas Ft Worth metroplex in Texas. Allen Veterans FC is registered in Texas as a 501c organization.

The team operates for the purpose of health, sports and wellness of members and to promote trustworthy loving relationship between members and families. The team practices each week out of Celebration Park in Allen Texas, from which the team’s name is derived.

Allen Veteran FC has participated in all NVT annual tournaments. During NVT 2016 hosted in Atlanta GA, Allen Veterans FC was crowned the Champion, an achievement we are very proud of. Allen Veteran FC also hosted this great NVT in 2017 during which we ranked third, receiving the bronze medal.

If you are in or around the Dallas Ft Worth metroplex, you are welcome to join this great team. Allen Veterans FC can be reached through the following contacts: allencpv@gmail.com and (972) 853 1263.