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Date of creation: Founded in 2021.

Motto: Sports, Health, our Wealth.

Leadership: Cameroon California Veteran is headed by a President and a team of other exco members. Current President is Mr Samuel Ntombwen (Tel. 310-606-0709)

Number of members: Currently 58 registered members.

Past reputations:

  • Successfully registered for the NVT in 2021 after its creation in 2020.
  • Participated during the 2022 NVT Games in Maryland.


Upcoming Events: Friendly Games, Austin Veteran Club FC vs CamCali Vets & Arizona East Valley Veteran Club

Contact Info. Email: camcaliveterans@gmail.com

Brief History:

Cameroon California Veteran club, is a soccer team located in Los Angeles in the southern part of California. Cameroon California Veteran is registered in California and has obtained a 501C Status.

The team operates for the purpose of health, sports and wellness of members and to enhance togetherness and a trustworthy relationship between members and the community. The club has a practice session every Sunday and a biweekly meeting to reinforce corporation and discipline among members.

Cameroon California Veteran club has participated once, during the 2022 NVT Games in Maryland. If you are in California or you plan to visit California, you are more welcome to join this great team. As a new club, we intend to take this club to greater heights and also compete during the tenders to host the prestigious NVT.

CONTACTS: Email: camcaliveterans@gmail.com

                       Phone: (310-606-0709 – President)