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Elite Veteran Football Club

Name: Elite Veteran Football Club
Date of Creation: 2005
Motto: Solidarity, Brotherhood, and Health in Sports.
Objective: Promoting solidarity, support our community,

and striving for healthy living of our members through sports.

Leadership: Elite Veteran FC has an Executive Committee led by a President and an Advisory Council led by a chairperson. The current President of the Executive Committee and the Advisory Committee are Henry Atem, PhD and Ernest Ambe respectively.

Number of Registered Members: 51 registered members

Schedule: Elite Veteran FC meet every Wednesday and Saturday of the week at 13929 Geoffrey Rd, Bowie, MD 20720.


Address: 2000 Del Sol Court, Bowie, MD 20721 Telephone: 443 447 6646

Email: info@eliteveteranfc.org Website: www.eliteveteranfc.org Facebook: Elite Veteran Soccer Club

Brief History:

Elite Vet FC is a soccer club based in Maryland, city of Bowie, created in 2005 to bring lovers of soccer together to promote healthy living and solidarity. Initially called Bowie FC, the name was changed to Friends in Club in 2015, then to Elite Veteran FC in 2020 with the election of Pius Ambe as pioneer President. Since its creation, the club has grown in membership, averaging 40 members each year. Besides promoting healthy living through sports, fostering brotherly love among members and their families has become a symbol of Elite, exemplified by our friendly relationship with different clubs within DMV. Elite Vet FC is one of the prominent clubs in DMV, participating in all veteran soccer events with demonstrated qualities that promote the spirit of soccer and friendship. To stimulate the spirit of brotherliness, we run a yearly internal members tournament, the President’s Cup. This keeps our members engaged and promotes the values we hold dear.