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Tampa Veterans FC

Date of creation: September 2021.

Motto: Unity, Solidarity, and Brotherhood


Tampa Veterans FC is led by a President.

President: Akam Dasi.

Vice President: Remmy Bekali

Secretory: Elvis Dah FS/Treasurer: Ransom Tamon

PRO: Dr. Augustine Nkembo Coach: Njeck Atagwe

Number of members:

Currently 43 registered members.
Upcoming Events: TBD

Contact Info:

Email: camveta@gmail.com

Phone: +1-813-408-9862.

Brief History:

Tampa Veterans FC, is a soccer team based in Tampa, Florid. Tampa Veterans FC is registered in Florida as a 501c organization.

The team operates for the purpose of health, sports and wellness of members and to promote trustworthy loving relationship between members and families. The team practices every Saturday mornings each week.

Tampa Veterans FC is participating in all NVT annual tournaments 2023 for the first time.

Goals and Objectives
  • To unite and foster fellowship and brotherhood amongst her
  • To encourage individual and collective initiatives, with the goal of advancing and enriching the economic, social, and cultural dimensions of her
  • To create and environment where members and their friends can come together and get acquainted, socialize and sympathize.

If you are in or around the Tampa area, you are welcome to join this great team.

Tampa Veterans FC can be reached through the following contacts: camveta@gmail.com and (813) 408-9862.