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Vetstar MN

VET-STAR Football Club Minnesota


Date of creation: Founded in 2015.

President: Mr. Moki Ndobedi
Number of members: 45 Registered

  • Past honors:
    ➢ 2nd position in 2022 NVT hosted in Maryland.
    ➢ Host of Mid-West Soccer Tournament 2023.
  • Upcoming Events:
    ➢ Spousal Appreciation Boat ride – July 2023
    ➢ Participation NVT-2023 – Atlanta, GA
  • Contact Info:
    ➢ Website: www.vetstarfcmn.org
    ➢ Email: info@vetstarfcmn.org

Brief History:

Vet-Star FC MN, founded in 2015 is a soccer club of friends who played soccer early on in their lives as career
professionals and as fanatics and have now decided to continue in that tradition to keeping fit and supporting
each other as family. As a soccer club, Vet-Star seeks to:
a) Promote the moral, spiritual, and physical health and well-being of its members through regular exercise.
b) Promote a spirit of brotherhood and socio-economic development among its members.
c) Advance our development by identifying resources and potentials for the socio-economic wellbeing of our Club
and members.
d) Promote the proud football cultural heritage of Africa within the state of Minnesota and beyond through the
establishment of a “Football Club”.
e) Collaborate with other organizations provided the goals and objectives of such organizations do not conflict
with our stated objectives, interests, and aspirations.